Cooke And Lewis Bathroom Cabinets

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High Quality Images For Cooke And Lewis Bathroom Cabinets with measurements 1067 X 1067High Quality Images For Cooke And Lewis Bathroom Cabinets with measurements 1067 X 1067

Cooke And Lewis Bathroom Cabinets – Earlier bathroom cabinets or medicine cabinets were terms used to refer to a plain white box that have been usually mounted over the sinks in bathrooms. A small cabinet so that you can store your soaps, tooth paste, tooth brush, cosmetics, shaving razors, shaving creams plus some medicines. Those were the days when bathrooms were plain and simple but nowadays people are making their bathrooms look more elegant and several are spending a fortune trying to make their bathroom look and feel perfect. The bathroom cabinets used nowadays are apt to have plenty of varied functional uses and also have be stylish and functional.

Bathroom cabinets in recent times are used to describe any cabinet that people can have and use in a bathroom. They could be the size of normal wall cabinets employed in other rooms or can even be a tall storage cabinet. In luxury bathrooms, a bathroom cabinet is usually a mix of medicine cabinet, a bathroom vanity, a bathroom countertop and various kinds of cabinets all as a single unit. Some from the bathroom cabinets measure much more than 32 inches height, 21 inches deep and 30 inches wide.

There are two basic types of bathroom cabinets available in the market. They are the traditional American-style bathroom cabinets along with the European style bathroom cabinets. The traditional American style cabinets are located in most homes and they are commonly called as framed cabinets. The framed cabinets use face-frames to pay the leading edges from the cabinet that are raw. The European style cabinets are located mostly in European countries and they are often called frameless cabinets. In frameless cabinets, the raw edges are concealed using quite easy trim strips.

The latest bathroom cabinets may also be classified as custom, stock and modular cabinets too. This type of classification is founded on the manufacturing process from the cabinets. Stock bathroom cabinets are mass manufactured and they are available only in a few standard sizes and shapes. They tend to get the most affordable bathroom cabinets available and can be grabbed from any store.

Modular bathroom cabinets like stock bathroom cabinets will also be made in huge amounts. But they offer more flexibility in their design. Their style and structure could be modified in another way depending on the needs you have. Most modular cabinets are Do it yourself cabinets and they are simple to build. So you could be creative using what you have making the modular bathroom cabinet as unique as is possible.

Custom bathroom cabinets because name suggests aren’t mass manufactured. Hence each custom bathroom cabinet could have its individuality, but getting a custom bathroom cabinet indicates you could have to engage a cabinet maker or check out the custom cabinet making stores. The advantage of custom bathroom cabinets is that you may design a cabinet in a way to make maximum utilization from the space available. You have the choice of using any material that you want to while designing a bath room cabinet. But since these are custom made, they will also be the costliest from the bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom cabinets are not an easy box to keep your own personal stuff. They are inclusions in your bathrooms that will add style and functionality to your bathrooms.